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Schism - Hindustan Times v/s Loksatta

Hindustan Times v/s Loksatta

In third year of BMM (bachlor of mass media) many proffesors ask their students to prepare an assignment like Schism. In fact its very lengthy and boring assignment. so i have uploded some basic information for schicm project. so, it will reduce the valuable time of BMM Students.

Topics selected for the Schism Project

·         How They Happen        
·         HT Media         
·         HT has undergone revamp
·         Loksatta            
·         Indian Express Group
·         Masthead         
·         First page         
·         News Stories    
·         City News         
·         National News  
·         International News      
·         Editors  
·         Editorials          
·         Op-Ed page      
·         Columns           
·         Letters to editors         
·         Business           
·         Sports   
·         Supplements    
·         Cost and Pages 
·         Sunday edition 
·         Photographs     
·         Advertisement 


How the Hindustan times happened
The 20th century was young when Hindustan times began to tell India, what was going on at home and abroad. Earthshaking events that changed histories, redrew the maps, displaced the entire populations drenched the world in blood and sometime made a thousand of flowers bloom. The good the bad the ugly the small spark that lit a conflagration, the precise vivifying detail or photographs that made moments live for over 3 generations. 
How the Loksatta happened
Just after the India got independence Loksatta had born India on the day of Makar Sankranti in the year of 1948 on the day of 14th January. As the Loksatta was started by the great freedom fighter Mr. Ramnath Goenka I is one of the most intellectual newspaper in all among the Marathi newspaper across the nation. Earlier Loksatta was criticized by the critics that they are not doing their job well but today the Indian Express group proudly said that Loksatta has proved that their journalism is real one secular and more visionary than others are. It was big experience of high intellectual to study the Loksatta.    
HT Media
HT Media found its beginning in 1924 when its flagship newspaper, Hindustan Times was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. HT Media (BSE, NSE) has today grown to become one of India's largest media companies.

Produced by an editorial team known for its quality, innovation, and integrity, Hindustan Times (English) and Hindustan (Hindi), have a combined daily circulation of 2.25 million copies and a readership base of 12.4 million readers to their credit. Both dailies enjoy strong brand recognition among readers as well as advertisers. To cater to the large readership base, HT Media operates 19 printing facilities across India with an installed capacity of 1.5 million copies per hour.

Hindustan Times
Hindustan Times is one of India’s most respected and leading English dailies. The flagship newspaper of HT Media, the Hindustan Times was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1924. Hindustan Times has been pioneering trends in journalism, setting standards and breaking new ground for the last 80 years. Spurred by the leading faces of Indian journalism, Hindustan Times has evolved with the times, reflecting the changing India and is today the newspaper of choice of over 3.3 million Indians. Hindustan Times, the market leader of the National Capital Region has in the last decade rapidly expanded its footprint and today reaches readers across the length and breadth of the country.
Unflinching commitment to highest journalistic standards, technological innovations, and strong focus on consumer needs has put Hindustan Times in the ranks of the most revered English newspapers in the country.
The newspaper has editions published from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, and Kolkata, thus dominating most of the country. It is printed at nine centers including Bhopal, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, and Ranchi.

HT Mumbai Edition
HT Mumbai has a daily lifestyle supplement (in tabloid format) called HT Cafe (32 pages). Five days a week HT Cafe devotes a pullout to niche subjects such as travel, health, automobiles, weekend, comics, and gizmos. It has its Education supplement called 'Horizons' on Wednesdays; High-life and luxury supplement called Splurge and a Real Estates section called 'HT Estates'. The paper also comes with a free magazine on Sundays called Brunch. The Mumbai Edition is managed by Mohit Ahuja, an alumnus of NMIMS, Bombay. The Resident Editor in Mumbai is Samar Halarnkar.
Hindustan times has undergone revamp
More news, new masthead, classy look and feel enhanced picture and print quality that is what the new international look of Hindustan Times promise to give you. HT Media Ltd revealed the all new Hindustan Times on 11 July 2009. We can say it as a “new world and old strengths.” 
The Loksatta is 5th largest selling Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra, India. Lok means people in Marathi/Hindi. It has branches in Mumbai (Bombay), Nagpur, Pune, Ahmednagar and Delhi. Born in the year 1948, on the Makar sankranti day, Loksatta has illustrious past. The founder of the Indian Express group, a great freedom-fighter, Late Ramnath Goenka, always paid special attention to the growth of Loksatta. It is a largest circulated standard Marathi daily for past so many years.
Loksatta was uniquely successful from its inception 58 years ago, as it was one of the first Marathi dailies in the format of an English newspaper. It went from strength to strength because of the quality of its news and editorial content.

            Today, it has editions from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Ahmednagar and is the only Marathi daily with a wide variety of weekly and weekend supplements. Known for its impartial coverage and nonconformist and liberal viewpoint, Loksatta is both a forum and the voice of democracy. Loksatta believes in creating thought leaders, change leaders and empowering its readers through knowledge, information and thus stands for leadership through empowerment.
The Indian Express Group
The Indian Express Group was the unifying voice behind India’s struggle for independence. Today, it is the leading light in the battle against corruption as well as empowering the people of India. The Indian Express began its journey in 1932. Since then, the Group has grown from strength to strength. From a single edition to 35 national editions, 14 publication centers and 7 language dailies that reach over 19 million people across the country.

Masthead is also, an alternate name for the nameplate of a magazine or newsletter.

The Masthead of “hindustan times” is set in Calibri Font & dual in colour i.e. in black and blue with font size approximately 72. It is placed at the top of the first page in the center. The width and length of the nameplate is about 9 cm into 36 cm respectively. Just after the nameplate on the left side is printed the logo of HT group. After that place of edition, price of copy and volume of edition are printed in very small letters. Then Website address is given as “” in the right hand side exactly above where the masthead is printed. Just below the masthead i.e. below the word ‘times’ Day, Month, Date and Year are mentioned.
     The Masthead of LOKSATTA is set in Loksatta own created font and have its own impact. It is placed at the top of the first page in center, a perfect eye catching form. It is black in colour with font size approximately 72. The width and length of the masthead is about 15.5cm * 20.5cm respectively. Just above the nameplate on left side there is address of website that is Exact on the line below the nameplate is the Price of the Paper, Edition center, Day, Date, Month, and Year. The registered no. of loksatta is given just upper side of masthead.
First Page Hindustan times
First page considered a mirror. It reflects the name of the newspaper “Hindustan Times” and known for its presentation. Below the nameplate and masthead there is promotion of news on 1st page. However, the position of promotion is kept changing everyday. It is totally dependent on the waitage of news. After that there is black plated banner. As the look of that banner suggest it tells us information about Foreign Currency Rate, Rates of Gold & Silver, plus situation of Sensex & Nifty. It also prints top gaining Companies & Firms. In addition, it made the eye-catching look of front page.
There is always a box column for short news which is called as short news column. Most of the time there are two main stories appear on the front page. One story is deal with international issue and another on is deal with the national or it may be regional. However, more preference is given to the news coming from Mumbai.
Then below the fold, there is always a colourful solus advertisement and Anchor story appeared on the bottom of the page 1. The style of news and page designing are varying vibrant. There is always photo related news published in the newspaper. The color combination of the news and edited photographs is kept changing everyday. Sometimes it is red and blue. Some day it is grey and brown. Font size of the news-strip headline is 18 or sometime it will be of 24. News-strip headline is important but not equally important as to getting printed detailed on the first page.
            To the left of the Lead Story is the information bar. Information bar starts with Short Stories. Short Stories is a list of small news items which is covered thoroughly in the inside pages. Sometimes Short Stories contains news, which comes at the time of going to print. Moving down to short stories column we come to “Weather”. It tells us information about Sunrise, Moonrise, Sunset & Moonset timings. It presents the forecast of the upcoming day. It also provides details of rainfall, humidity, & temperature of India.

Front page of is very simple but very intellectual. People do not by Loksatta by attracting its look but they buy it for the quality of news and content. Front page is start with the masthead which I have mentioned in the topic of masthead.
 There re always three leading stories on front page, left hand side is always reserved for special lead story which deal with national issue. Middle story is related with state politics or sometime it relate to civic problem Mumbai. Moreover, right hand side column is always kept reserved for their special on going campaign. Right now they are running their very popular Campaign i.e. ‘MUSHAKANCHI MUMBAI’.
The space for solus advertisement are kept changing everyday. Sometimes there two advertisement or sometime only one advertisement is printed below the fold of the newspaper.
The promotion of newspaper is appeared on just at right side of solus advertisement. The Anchor story is appeared on the bottom of page 1. The headlines are always in proper and appropriate wording. We can not find any sensationalism in their headlines. There are very less use of scrap headlines. Only once or twice they use the scrap headline for the defining the big news. However, there is vast usage of box column inside the stories to grab the attention of readers on the important points of the news.

News Stories
Hindustan time
Nowadays the Hindustan times is considered as the most civic based paper. HT is always coming up with new ideas, innovative creativity to focus on the civic problem of country, city, and society. The most of the stories are covered by their special correspondent. As per news-value and the nature of the report layout changes from time to time. News of national importance mostly from political field captures the major space on front page. Parliament session, Election of Central, or State government, New deals with foreign countries is part of the news, which usually appears on the first page. Hindustan Times does not over use the space by giving “n” number of news on front page. Overall presentation looks is very glossy and eye catchy and does not look gaudy. When one big photograph is printed then other stories carries small photograph. By-line is not given to every news story. However, every soft news story carries a by-line. Solus ad is the most expensive ad in the newspaper and it carries 10% of the first page. Right side bottom space is allotted for solus ads.
As Loksatta is regional newspaper and its target audience is the Maharashtrian community news presented on front page is of regional importance than national importance. Layout of the front page keeps on changing. Sometimes a photograph with caption is printed in upper part of the front page where as some other day a detailed news report is printed with small photograph. Same like “Hindustan Times” Loksatta also covers 6-7 news stories on front page. Front page news is mainly from political ups-downs in Maharashtra. Besides this social, environment, education, crime beats offer front page story. Font size of the headline is big and bold in format as to catch the reader’s attention. At the bottom there is soft-news story is called “Anchor”. This includes issues like global warming, technology advancement, education change and etc. soft news story is must read of this newspaper. By-line is only given to very special report. Soft news story carries a by-line daily. Use of colors is limited and that is why paper looks less attractive and serious in visual sense. Use of black and red is prominent on front page. Sometimes entire lower part of the front page is devoted to advertisement. Then that time soft news is omitted. The look of front page is very serious but it does not look very giddy.
            This segment covers news of Mumbai & Pune city plus Mumbai Suburbs, Thane & Raigad district. Besides this, news from Maharashtra state is also featured in the segment. Besides this, education has been a major contributing beat to HT Horizon. Results of 10th &12th exams were declared in this period and soon after that the HT carried out articles relating to admissions, new trends in admissions; Political news comprises news of Assembly, BMC and from suburban politics. The METRO and NATIONAL is vibrant section as people like to read news of their area. The campaign started by HT that is Inspired India is one of the greatest campaigns Introduced by HT.
Loksatta is regional newspaper so most preference is given to the main cities of Maharashtra. There are near about 16 different editions of Loksatta published from different cities of Maharashtra. Loksatta always carry a supplement named VRUTTANT and start after the name of the city from where it published. For e.g. THANE VRUTTANT, MUMBAI VRUTTANT, VIDARBHA VRUTTANT etc.
They have given special coverage to Municipal Corporation of every city. As they run their special campaigns to focus on civic problems like Corruptions in administration, in builders lobby etc. They have started another campaign that is after 26/11.
National News

            News from all over the country is printed on national page that is page no. 5. News from political, social, crime, environment, & science are the major beats covered in this segment. India is big country and that is why news is available abundantly. Special stories are published with big photograph while other stories with small photograph. Political happenings in different states, natural calamity news, crime stories that took place in various parts are covered in detail.
As Loksatta is regional daily its Target Audience is Maharashtrian people and their related news; less priority is given to Nation-wide news. News from political, social, crime education, environment sectors are covered thoroughly. Therefore, fewer pages are devoted to national news i.e. to Desh.
International News            The Hindustan Times is perfect while covering international news. News from various countries like USA, UK, Iraq, and Afghanistan are covered adequately. India has contacts with many countries. Happenings in other countries have consequences on our life as well and that is why International news cannot be neglected. This news comes from various foreign news agencies plus foreign correspondents. Newspaper like Hindustan Times can afford to send its correspondents worldwide.
                        Loksatta arranges International news inside the National news coverage. As Loksatta is regional daily less priority is given to International news. If International news is really very important then it appears on Front page. News about USA, Pakistan is regularly printed. Loksatta does not have foreign correspondents. Rather than giving detailed report Loksatta publishes small briefs which contains International news and if its consequences are long-lasting then we find articles and editorials about that issue or topic. If topic requires more space then an article analyzing that topic is published on Sunday supplement. 
Editorial of Loksatta is classic Intellectual work on every day. It is in 600 to 675 words and it tries to cover each and every issue which having impact on society. Mr. Kumar Ketkar is well known Journalist and thinkers at international level. He is very prolific writer. As he covers many of biggest international events like collapse USSR. So, we acme across his experience and enormous knowledge about socialism and world politics with respect to current global scenario. He is an activist editor and it always imitate in his editorial. As his career blooms during the nehruvian era, so it’s very well reflected in editorial also. All in all the editorial of Loksatta is experience of higher reading.     
Hindustan Times
Mr. Sanjoy Narayan is the resident editor of Hindustan Times of Mumbai edition. The editorials of Hindustan times are one of the good pieces of writings 
Editorial Page
            This page is known as “Comment Page”. Editorials of The Hindustan Times are written in scientific manner. First, they put out the topic, then get the reader acquainted with various aspects and then provide a conclusion. Sometimes conclusion is left to the readers. Generally Times is Pro-Congress in their editorial. It does not mean that they do not criticize congress. Whenever required they stand against Congress.
            Topics for the editorial are vast in nature. Various reports released by government bodies are major topics of editorials. Reports may relate with population, environment, and economics. Editorial helps us to understand these complicated topics. HT editorials are not just writings; it is minute observation, suggested solutions for current problems, criticism of government decisions and appreciation of individuals who deserve it. HT editorials are must read part of the newspaper. The Editorial of Hindustan Times is very colourful. In addition, it contains big font with maximum spacing between two lines.
            “Loksatta” has shifted their editorial page to right side of the newspaper defying the conventional pattern that places editorial page on the left side of the newspaper. “Loksatta” has a fixed layout for editorial page. Below editorial, space is allotted for columns where expert opinions on various political and social issues are published. Sunil Chavke, Sulakshana Mahajan, Girdhar Patil are regular contributors to this column. Nowadays there is special column of Mr. Kumar Ketkar entitled as TRIKALVEDH where he writes on each and every topic of world history and socialism.
            This space is also for Book-Review section. The name of this section is GRANTHVISHWA Books are reviewed and the reviewer tells us the ingredient that book contains. Rekha Deshpande, Mihir Mahajan, Arvind Gokhale, Dr. Suresh Chandawankar are regular contributors to this columns. Besides this there is a column named “Vyaktivedh”. This column narrates profile of a personality who has achieved something in current scenario. This column is helpful to understand particular personality and his journey. Below this column there is space allotted to Letters to the Editor.   Other than this there are small columns on right and left side of the editorial. Column named “Kalmanas” tells useful information about particular issue in detail where as “Dushare Bhashya” column gives us information about news appeared in foreign newspapers.
“Hindustan times”
            The Hindustan times has omitted the op-ed page when it undergoes redesign. However, they have designed special pages in weekend edition that is on Saturday and Sunday. This page is entitled as REFLECIONS. In this copy we found the best article. All columns contain photographs related to issue. The language is used in columns are very unique in itself which directly target youth. That is the reason why the above mentioned writers are very much popular in youngsters. There is special space for Sunday letters, where only special letters in response to the columns’ are published. There are various pages, which covers technological aspects, environmental issues like Global Warming, lifestyle of India in Rural and Urban area, as well as lifestyle of all over the world. It is depended on scenario of society they cover art and culture of nations also. 
  • Vir Sanghvi- Vir Sanghvi has been the editor of Hindustan Times for the past few years. He writes two columns every Sunday, one entitled Counter Point for the main paper and "Rude Food" for Brunch, a weekly supplement.
  • Karan Thapar- Currently the President of Infotainment Television and one of India's noted television commentators and interviewers, Karan Thapar writes the weekly column Sunday Sentiments.
  • Barkha Dutt - Journalist and NDTV Group Editor. Writes column Third Eye every Saturday.
  • Manas Chakravarty- Capital market analyst for Mint. Writes weekly column Loose Canon on Sundays'
  • Indrajit Hazra- a Novelist and a Senior Editor at Hindustan Times, Hazra writes the weekly column Red Herring.
  • Sonal Kalra - An author and Editor of HT City, the daily entertainment and lifestyle supplement of Hindustan Times, Writes the weekly column A Calmer You.
  • Khushwant Singh - An editorial writer whose column With Malice towards Everyone appears in the Saturday edition.
The op- ed page Loksatta has fix layout. Layout is of three main columns. Left hand side column entitled as NAVNEET is totally dedicated for features which is subdivided into subsections. That are as follow as-

1.      Jeevandarshan:
2.      Kutuhal: -
3.      Din-Vishesh: -
4.      Goshta Dot Com: -


Analytical columns:-
There are three analytical columns on OP-ED page of Loksatta. These columns are high piece of intellectual. I found that these columns are trying to reach golden mean of a particular problem. Where they raise the problems and try to give solution itself.
The language of newspaper is a perfect example of high class Marathi. Very simple sentences and perfect conviction are the specialty of this column. The people like Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar write for the Loksatta. After these columns the bottom of page is covered by next segment that is ABHIRUCHEE. In addition, at bottom corner of the page there is cartoon By Prashant Kulkarnee. Besides this, environmental column is run by Abhijit Ghorpade. On Thursday, a whole op-ed page is devoted to environmental reports, features, & columns. Global warming and its consequences are beautifully covered in this segment. Reading to op-ed page is enriching experience and compared to Hindustan Times op-ed page of Loksatta is far more superior, because it carries content for reading.
Hindustan times
            Hindustan times has fix layout about their columns. They have writers like Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, Padmshree Barkha Dutt, Mr. Sitaram Yechuri, Mr. Karan Thapar, Mr. Khushwant Sing, and Mr. Indrajit Hajra. Actually, this writer uses very complex sentence but with proper convictions and by the time raising the problem they are ready with solution also.
In the matter columns Loksatta is unique one. Its very high intellectual writing in it. Most of the time people prefer to buy extra copy of loksatta on Sunday due to it quality of content. Moreover, they preserved it as archive. However, one thing that make loksatta columns different from others newspapers and that is they are up to date.
Letter to the editor
A letter to the editor (sometimes abbreviated LTTE or LTE) is a letter sent to a publication about issues of concern to its readers. Usually, letters are intended for publication. Usually, letters to the editor are associated with newspapers and newsmagazines. However, they are sometimes sent to other periodicals, and radio and television stations. In the latter instance, letters are sometimes read on the air. In many publications, letters to the editor may be sent through either conventional mail or electronic mail.
In Hindustan Times has placed the one special column for Letters to editor on its editorial page under the title of VOXPOX. Where they kept word limit 50 to 60 words only. On the other hand loksatta had given the special space under the title of Lokmanas. Moreover, the word limit is decide by the newspaper is 100 words.
Hindustan Times
Name: Business 
            Shares, investments, mergers, take-over, new launch of products and everything we need to know about financial sector can be found on “Business” pages. Normally page no. 15 to page 17 is dedicated to business section.
            Business section deals with news of our economy. It gives us details of banking sector. This segment provides plenty of news of share market and its ups-downs. Business sector is an active sector with mergers everyday and we can get news in detail about that in Business. Sometimes when topic is really vast then interviews of expertise people are published. This segment also gives information about new launch of products and their prospects, weakness & cost factor.
“LOKSATTA”  Pages Allotted: None
            Loksatta covers all this in their financial supplement named “Arthvrutant”. This supplement is weekly and published on Monday. However, its impact sector is not limited to only the Marathi readers. The business community of Mumbai’s Dalal Street still refers the article of Express Money to get accurate and up to date information about future Up and down in Indian economy.
Sports News
            The Hindustan Times has a vibrant sports section. “Sports” is well-presented section in the newspaper. Their range of games coverage is vast from cricket to golf and from football to basketball. Every sport gets represented as per priority decided by sports beauro. Cricket is religion in India and that is why cricket news covers the entire first page of the total four. The four sports pages ensure that HT can cover as many games possible. Neglected games like those that swimming and other are part of Olympics are nicely featured. The tagline of this section is redefine your limit.
Loksatta” reserves two pages for Sport Coverage. Cricket is main News-focus of sports coverage. These pages are named as KRIDA, which means Sports. Loksatta is particular about other games reporting like Tennis, Football, and Hockey. Despite this, “Loksatta” is excellent while covering Mega-events like World Cups. Mr. Dwarakanath Sanzhgiri’s articles on sports are one of the most interesting articles.
SupplementsHindustan Times Supplements

·         HT Café
·         Brunch
·         HT Horizons
·         Splurge :-  
·         HT Live 


Loksatta Supplements

·         Mumbai Vruttant & Thane Vruttant: Both are published daily.
·         Lokrang
·         Viva
·         Loksatta-Express Money (Arth-Vrutant)-
·         Career Counselor
·         Vasturang-
·         Chaturang 


Sunday Edition
The Sunday edition of loksatta is totally different from remaining weekday’s edition. On Sunday, the main copy of loksatta is of only 10 pages along with there are three more supplements & that are:
1.      Lokrang
2.      Ravivar Vruttant
3.      Thane Vruttant
The cost of Sunday edition is 5rs only. This copy is very popular in among Marathi readers. Now, we will take a brief look on this edition.
Main Copy:-
On Sunday edition Loksatta having a very attractive look. Everything is different on Sunday right from Masthead to Cover story and from box columns to solus advertisement. The masthead on Sunday is red in colour and having catchy look. Front page is similar to the other days with one solus advertisement. As well as page no. 2 and page no.3 also have a fixed layout. There is an absentee of editorial page on Sunday, but page 4 and page no. 5 are totally dedicated for informative analytical & commentary articles from the scholars. Page no. 6 is mainly designed for advertisement of cinema, dramas, and orchestra. 7th page is just for the advertisement of official tenders of government, place for Public service advertisement and news. Page no. 8 is totally covered by the advertisement of cinema. In addition, 9th and 10th page are both are for the sports section.
Ravivar Vruttant:
Ravivar Vruttant is special 8 pages supplement of Sunday. The layout of this one is as same as Vruttant.
Hindustan time
Sunday edition of Hindustan Times is a very attractive and colorful in comparison of others day edition. The layout for Sunday edition is different from others glossy and eye catchy look of masthead with colourful promotion box. This copy is full of with the good content including a powerful lead story. In addition, the Anchor story is also special one.
 Here, on Sunday HT provide space to its reader to write there comments on page 4. HT has special READERS EDITOR and this responsibility is given to the Mrs. Sumana Ramanan. Sunday’s special story appears on page no. 7
There is absence of editorial page on Sunday, but from page no. 8 to page no. 14 are designed under the title THINK for the prolific writers for their writings.
Photographs Hindustan Times
Hindustan times having there own library of photographs right from 1924 till today. Their style of photography is unique one, as well as the presentation of it different from all other newspaper. The photographs are one of the big strength of Hindustan times since its establishment.
Loksatta :-  Loksatta is sister venture of big media group of Indian Express. So it’s also have there own photo library as like as Hindustan times. Even loksatta is not using glossy paper due to low budget than HT but still their photographs are big strength.
Hindustan Times:- There are big numbers of advertisement in Hindustan times. Right from matrimonial to educational institutional advertisement.
Their advertisers are

·         Tanishq jewelry
·         Preeti slim
·         Entertainment channels for promotion of their shows
·         Amrut Gagan
·         D’Damas
·         Godrej

There is always special supplement for matrimonial on every Sunday.
Loksatta is mainly read by the Marathi people in Maharashtra so their advertiser and advertisement are related to the Marathi people only. However, they have good number of advertisers with them
Their advertisers are as follow as:-

·         Swarg
·         Decotex
·         Arihant Group
·         Chate Coaching Classes
·         Classified

There is special 6 page supplement for classified advertisement on every Sunday Where 3 pages are totally dedicated for matrimonial under title of JEEVANSATHI
Special Campaign Inspired India:-
            Inspired India is special campaign started by the Hindustan times to bring awareness in Indian citizens.
The national election delivered a simple, direct message. The voter wants the footwork back in governance. The President’s address and the national budget have tried to reach out to that horizon of aspiration. The Hindustan Times now shows how. How to better monitor our development projects so that taxpayers’ crores do not vanish? How can we deal with doctors’ absenteeism and reach modern healthcare to the doorsteps of disadvantaged millions? How can we transform our cites? How can we make our roads – where hundreds of thousands die every year – safer?      HT brought one such big idea each weekday, reported from the ground by 35 HT writers who travelled thousands of kilometers in this nationwide reporting project.

Loksatta has started their new campaign against the land mafia in Mumbai. Through this campaign they have showed the example of fearless journalism. Here, in this special segments loksatta uncovered near about the all politicians of Maharashtra and north India who involve in land scam. Loksatta made people to think that why the rate of lands are increasing day by day. The answer is land mafias are totally responsible. Loksatta covers the news with proper proof so many of the land mafia is being arrested by the Mumbai police. So, in comparison of HT’s campaign Loksatta campaign have big impact on readers, administration, politicians, and government.   
            In my opinion, It was very good experience to compare one national and one regional newspaper. After the study of this assignment I came to know that it is very difficult to break the policy of an organization like newspaper houses for particular events. Somewhere I found that newspapers are not run by their editors and their reporters, they run under the pressure and influence of their advertisers and sponsors. As earlier there are editors to manage all the activities of newspapers right from news to articles. However, situation has changed the sponsors have appointed managing editor to manage editors of respective Newspapers. Therefore, newspaper of contemporary world becomes the puppet of capitalist people. In addition, the big example of it is revamp of Hindustan Times on its design not for the quality of content. Instead of doing real journalism they are just romancing with increase in number of selling of their copies. On the other hand, Loksatta has achieved to maintain their statues in the society by raising civic issues only for the citizens not for the capitalist. They are still running with their own mission.   There are various factors to restrict today’s journalism. If we see it is an ethically, this is at national and regional level also. However, there are international market factors. Capitalism is going to disturbed the sociality of newspaper… said Chomsky. Somewhere it is true and very rightly observed.  
            However, not only this and even. If we see it as a revolution in reading and writing world then we can support it. How? Let us see. There is increasing no. of papers in supplements, if there is no reader for this supplement then why they print this much of papers? In addition, people from various sector start to writing to express themselves. In addition, here we get answer of future of regional newspaper and national also. They will be there. They will. Their restriction in region and geographically big but there are advanced point are bigger than this and that make myself knowledgeable by this project.


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